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Plain Grinders

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608 Plain Auto Table


Model 1018 Uni. on 90" cabinet

Flow Control Grinder

Models 608/610,  751, 1220

Key Benefits of the Crystal Lake Grinder Plain Grinder

  • Overhead drive dampens motor vibration
  • 3c, 4c and 5c Collet Machines
  • Quick setup for short runs with tight tolerances 
  • Industry proven history for accuracy and finishes


Industry history has proven that Crystal Lake Grinder materials, craftsmanship and overhead belt drive allows surface finish, three-quarter RMS in hard steels and carbides to four RMS in soft steel. Roundness runs from .000005 up depending on centers of work being ground. With variable wheel speeds you can slow the wheel down to 4,000 to 5,000 S.P.M. promoting a soft wheel action for grinding round, then speed up to 6,000 S.P.M. to promote a hard wheel action producing high finish without losing the roundness. Productivity over the short and long term is enhanced by the high precision performance standards that are still required in the grinding industry.

The Models 608/610 Plain and Model 1220 Plain grinders give you total flexibility for a variety of grinding needs. Our Workheads are engineered to accept 3C, 4C and 5C collets respectively. They also accept 3, 4, or 6 jaw chucks, magnetic chucks, faceplates or work between dead centers. Radius wheel dressers are available to complete the adaptability of these versatile machines.

The Models 608/610 Plain Cylindrical Grinders are designed for efficient grinding from .004" to 1" diameter work, and will grind up to 6" diameters in short runs.

The Model 1220 is designed for efficient grinding from to 6 diameter and will grind to 12 diameter for short runs.

 Model 1220, is an ideal machines for tool room work because the Headstock is of 360 degrees and fitted for the 5C industry standard collet. The Spindle Nose is one (1) degree taper for fitting of a 3 and 4 jaw chuck, face plate, magnetic plate, air operated chuck and between center work.


608 3C Collet
610 4C Collet
751 With 10" Wheel
1220 With 12" Wheel
1220 With 14" Wheel
1220 Manual/CNC Two Axis with 12" Wheel
1220 Manual/CNC Two Axis with 14" Wheel
1220 CNC Contouring with 12" Wheel
1220 CNC Contouring with 14" Wheel

Factory Installed Options

Filter Housing with 3 50M Filter Cartridges
DC Wheelhead Drive 
Automatic Table Feed 
Automatic Table Feed and Slow In-Feed

(Not  required on CNC Grinders)

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