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Small Tables

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608 Plain Auto Table


Model 1018 Uni. on 90" cabinet

Flow Control Grinder

Table Parts List

Parts #

Water Splash Guards, 811/751 (Formed Steel) P70-U
Water Splash Guards, 608/610 (Formed Steel) P70-P
Compensating Table Adj. Screw & Nut, 608/610 P15-A
Compensating Table Adj. Screw & Nut, 811/751 P15-B
T-Slot Nut For Main Table P17
Table End Clamps P17A-3
Flat Table Roller Oilers P201F
V Table Roller Oilers P201V
One Shot Oiler P59-1
Main Table End Guards, 608/610 P21-6
Main Table End Guards, 751 P21-7
Main Table End Guards, 811 P21-8
Dowel Pin 7/8" X 1" (3 Digit Models) P21DP
Main Table Stop Tab--Radius P158
Main Table Stop Tab--Squared P158A
Main Table Stop Tab--Indicator Style P159
Riser Blocks--3Pc. Set--2", 608/610 P160A
Riser Blocks--3Pc. Set--2", 811 P160B
Back Rest 2 Point, 811 P163A
Steady Rest 3 Point, 811 P162

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