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811 4c Uni. Grinder

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608 Plain Auto Table


Model 1018 Uni. on 90" cabinet

Flow Control Grinder

Model 811 4c Uni.



SURFACE FINISH -- Three quarter RMS to two RMS in hard steels and carbide to four RMS in soft steels.

WHEELHEAD -- Spindle is double taper design, 1 5/8" diameter, High Speed Steel,  Hardened and ground and running in double taper bronze bearing.  Cones are adjusted by removing dust cover and turning nut to the right pulling taper cones together and setting end play with Dial Indicator measurement to less than .0001".  The Wheelhead is advanced by D2, 16 pitch rack, pinion gear and bronze gear, 5 pitch worm, hardened and ground and supported on tool steel shaft with end thrust being taken up by two (2) Zero Timken bearings.  High Carbon High Chrome Ways and one 'shot' oiling system.  In-feed Unit swivels 360 degrees.

HEADSTOCK SPINDLE -- is 2 3/16" for the 4c collet machine, double taper bearing design with Crystal Lake number 6 taper,  1/4" carbide centers.  Spindle nose is one degree for holding chuck or dead center driver.

TAILSTOCK -- Spindle is of D2 steel hardened and ground, closely fitted to bore giving tremendous rigidity without loss of sensitivity to spindle.  Centers are Crystal Lake number 4 or number 6, 1/4" carbide respectively.  Dust cap holds spring, can be adjusted for tension.  Hole through spindle for center knockout. 

DEAD CENTER DRIVER - on Headstock is a Ball Bearing design using standard ball bearings. The taper sleeve does not revolve, but the bearing revolves in its own race making, if necessary, replacement of bearing an easy operation.

HEADSTOCK AND TAILSTOCK - are bored in pairs and aligned the Compensating Table, which is V and Flat design and swivels six (6) degrees either side of center. Headstock swivels 360 degrees.

TABLE - is of V and Flat design mated to heavy base casting. Primary gears are helical cut wide face, having two (2) teeth in mesh. Secondary gears are wide face, spur, and 16 pitch. Pinions run in ball bearings and gears run in oil.

BASE CASTING - are extra heavy to dampen vibration for longer wheel life so necessary when using diamond and Borazon wheels. Tables are of ample length and weight for high finish without sensitivity. For example: The grinding of sides of control valves.

MOTOR DRIVE - is self-contained and is mounted on heavy vibration dampening cabinet with two motor drive arrangement. Headstock is equipped with hp DC Drive. Wheelhead is powered by 2 hp AC Motor standard (DC Motor Optional).

COOLANT SYSTEM - over twenty-gallon capacity is self-contained in cabinet. Pump, with baffle plates, is rubber mounted on top of cabinet in the left-hand corner.


AUTOMATIC TABLE FEED -- has Servo Drive Motor system.

COMBINATION O.D./I.D. GRINDING ASSEMBLY - Has its own drive motor for angle grinding or for production run. The 15,000 RPM (other RPM available) Combination O.D./I.D. Grinding Assembly mounts at the Wheelhead location.

The Combination O.D./I.D. Grinding Assembly can be switched from O.D. grinding to I.D. grinding by removing the belt from the O.D. Drive motor. Loosen 2 socket-head clamp screws pivoting the assembly to desired I.D. grinding position and securing clamp screws.

To revert back to O.D. Grinding simply reverse the procedure.

Quill sizes are available in 1/8, 3/16, or .

RADIUS WHEEL DRESSER - has an adjustable height of 4 to 7-1/2 above the table with two (2) holders for diamonds. This dresser has been designed primarily for use on Crystal Lake Cylindrical Grinders. Units are adapted with solid angle ramp. Will dress both external and internal wheels. Includes base to fit Crystal Lake Grinder, adjustable up to 7 diameter wheel radii and angle dresser with carrying case and approximately 1/3 ct. Natural Chisel Shaped Roughing Diamond.

MEASURING EQUIPMENT - either electronic or air if applicable to mounting and customer choice. The equipment is subject to PRICE AT TIME OF DELIVERY FROM THE MANUFACTURE.

POSITIVE STOP - can be mounted on hand wheel for repeatability in sizing within .000020.

FILTER SYSTEM - is mounted inside of cabinet.



Shipping weight, crated (approx.) 2650
Overall length, inches (approx.) 48
Overall width, inches (approx.) 30
Overall height, inches (approx.) 92
Distance between centers, inches 10"
Swing over table, inches 8
Swing over standard water guard, inches 4-1/2
Carbide centers, number 6
Collets, standard 3/4" 4C
Hole through spindle (inches) 7/8"
Diameter of Head stock spindle (inches) 2-3/16"
Diameter of Tail stock spindle (inches) 1
Length of table  (inches) 28
Grinding wheel S.P.M. 6000
Standard Grinding wheel diameter (inches) 7
Grinding wheel width, inches 1/8 to 1/2
Hole in wheel, inches 1-1/4
Wheel head motor,      3 Ph AC hp 2
DC Wheel head motor avail. OPT.
DC Head stock drive hp 3/4
Motor speed on Head stock (RPM) 0-1700
Coolant system (exceeds gal. listed) 25
Filtering system OPT.
Light control (volts AC) 110



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