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1220 Plain Wheelhead

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608 Plain Auto Table


Model 1018 Uni. on 90" cabinet

Flow Control Grinder

1220 Plain Wheelhead Parts List Part #
Wheelhead Adjusting Nut P55-5A
Neoprene Way Covers, Metal Strip & Screws P130
Belt Guard  P10-4
Steel Wheelhead Pulleys with Flange (12" Wheel) P134
Steel Wheelhead Pulleys with Flange (14" Wheel) P135
Aluminum Wheelhead Motor Pulley, Crowned (AC) P139
Aluminum Wheelhead Motor Pulley, Crowned  (DC) P140
Wheel Holding Slinger Flange (10" or 12" Wheel) P145
Wheel Holding Slinger Flange (14" Wheel) P146
Oil Slinger Ring P147B
Wheel Holding Flange (10" or 12" Wheel) P148B
Wheel Holding Flange (14" Wheel) P148C
Wheel Holding Screw P58B
Dust Cap P57B
12" Wheel Guard & Cover P60-12
14" Wheel Guard & Cover with Mounting Bracket P60-14
Socket Head Cap Screw Purchase
Gravity Feed Oiler P59
Spanner Wrench P129
2" X 75" Flat Endless Belt P05A
2-1/8" X 78" Flat Endless Belt, (on DC Drives) P6




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